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A notebook to rebuild


A recycled paper book in every school of the region to sustain the recovery of Veneto’s forest heritage after the huge storm that hit the mountain zoned during the end of October 2018.
The idea comes from Fondazione Alberto Peruzzo which, in collaboration with Regione Veneto’s primary school department, is going to distribute in the first months of 2019 to the 225.171 primary school students in Veneto an ‘active’ book, that can be used for the usual didactic activities, which reproduces on its cover a comic about the rebirth of the forest hurt by the natural disaster that hit Veneto and – in the two central pages – invites the students to express, throughout a drawing, a text, a poem or an elaborate their own contribute on the environmental fragility topic, on climatic changes and on the protection of nature and its heritage.

The kid’s elaborates will be subsequently evaluated by a jury of experts who will select and reward the best works.
Once the project ends an exhibition will be organized at the Orto Botanico di Padova. The exhibition date is still to be decided. An adequate communication will follow.

The collected works will be uploaded on a weekly basis on the site and project associated social profiles

Facebook @unquadernoperricostruire

Instagram  @unquadernoperricostruire

I thank Alberto Peruzzo and his Foundation for having proposed this initiative, which involves kids” has stressed the regional councilor for education, Elena Donazzan, which has presented the initiative at the Ferro-Fini palace, seat of the Regional Council of Veneto. “Over 200 thousand primary school students and their teachers, thanks to this project will be involved in first person to the reconstruction, becoming so participants of the collective race that is putting back up the Veneto mountain. To today’s kids we entrust tomorrow’s forest. To date the bank account opened by the Veneto Region has collected over 2 million euros in donations: citizens, families, entrepreneurs, everyone gave their own contribution. The entire amount raised with the SMS, for the same choice of the most involved regions, will be donated to the Veneto: a national solidarity, which sees us all united in this moment of difficulty.”

Alberto Peruzzo, President of the Foundation, besides sponsoring the realization and distribution of the book and the promotion of the contest to select the best elaborates, has donated 5 thousand euros to the Veneto Region for the planting of new trees. “We were surprised – has explained – in seeing how Veneto has been able to get up so quickly, of how many venetians have decided to donate in such a humble and silenced way. The population of this region expresses a cultural and environmental ‘resilience’, that has to be shared and transmitted to the younger ones so it remains heritage of future generations”.

The covers of the books, in two versions, were realized thanks to the collaboration with the International Comics School of Padua, and were realized by Isacco Saccoman.

We warn all the Veneto Primary Schools and all students’ parents that the deadline has been postponed to the 31st of October.