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The Alberto Peruzzo Foundation is a not-for-profit institution that intends to promote contemporary art in various contexts and in relation to a wide range of disciplines. It pursues its mission through the production of exhibitions, publications, installations and special projects. 

The Foundation deals in particular with projects and artists concerned, in the past or the present, with looking to the future, with innovation and with working across multiple disciplines, as embodied by one of the first projects it supported, 2012’s Mari Verticali (Vertical Seas) by Fabrizio Plessi. The Foundation was actually established in 2015, in the wake of a number of non-profit cultural operations implemented by the Peruzzo Group from 2011 onwards. The field of contemporary art would then also go on to become the subject matter of a monitoring body geared towards analysing and showcasing the most interesting developments at national and international level.

While the main focus is on the Veneto region, the Foundation also endeavours to engage with the national and international contemporary arts scenes. The Veneto region has a rich history and exceptionally strong traditions in terms of art, but also in terms of trailblazing entrepreneurship. The Foundation aims to encapsulate these two aspects – the love for art and the propensity towards innovation – with a view to making the most of contemporary art as, amongst other things, a tool through which to underline the bond between creativity and enterprise. In this regard, the Foundation also promotes an “art in the workplace” initiative – starting with the business premises of the Peruzzo Group – as a way to increase the wellbeing, sense of belonging and beauty of the places in which people work. 

The history of the Veneto region and of the Venetian entrepreneurial spirit is inextricably linked to important histories of collecting, which the Foundation intends to recount, enhance and incentivise, in an awareness of the fact that collecting serves as a motor that drives the entire art system. Moreover, for the Foundation, contemporary art provides an opportunity and an instrument for recovering and emphasising the virtues of classical art and the artistic heritage of the built environment, as evinced by the restoration of the mediaeval church of Sant’Agnese in Padua, which got under way in 2013.